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Remarkably Disappointed 😎 – A few 12th Students!

A child could not meet eyes with his parents today because for someone who saw life in Arthur Conan Doyle and Tolkien; was judged by the Newtons of the world. Quite alright. They have shaped the world and everything. Few years back, CBSE introduced a scheme where marks were awarded for participation in 'Co-Curricular and… Continue reading Remarkably Disappointed 😎 – A few 12th Students!


R.I.P Vampire Diaries

Ever since I started watching Vampire Diaries, Oh! wait, I am 18 years old now. Male. Indian. 'Journalism' student. On the look out of better things. Mature enough. Watches CW. TVD Fan. Stelena all the way. And its my favorite because it was my favorite once. So if you have stopped judging, let me begin… Continue reading R.I.P Vampire Diaries