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Remarkably Disappointed 😎 – A few 12th Students!

A child could not meet eyes with his parents today because for someone who saw life in Arthur Conan Doyle and Tolkien; was judged by the Newtons of the world. Quite alright. They have shaped the world and everything.

Few years back, CBSE introduced a scheme where marks were awarded for participation in ‘Co-Curricular and ‘Extra-Curricular’ activities. While it did manage to improve grades, getting marks became easy and passing was similar to adding two and two. Some tried writing twenty two but they had the authority to scrap it and rewrite. In a world where few seconds can make a huge impact, two years has not been enough for the ‘IndianMindset.’

12th CBSE results were nothing less than a release of a political thriller where the release date was pushed and pushed until a moment came that it became a leverage; a burden needed to be taken off from our shoulders there and then. A necessity required to be fulfilled because relatives and friends were more anxious than the students. Their respect in the society depended upon it. A clear scenario of what has been humorously shared as, “Sharma Ji ka beta” came into picture and in the 576 megapixels of life; there was a blurred image ahead.

It was a daunting task accompanied by world’s malice and individual propaganda. It was nothing less than a huge theatrical release where everybody was going to be benefited from this  “12 years in making.” There was a huge investment and the returns had to be satisfying. The world was unaware that there were more professions than that of a Doctor and an Engineer. C.A was a thing of those who couldn’t take Science and Arts? It was not in picture. It was for failures because those who reached up there and made these rules, took Arts. It was still not out that the world will “Actually Retrospect Those Self” much later but with regret.

So while CCE was making it easy to score, parents were quite disturbed. They thought that the scheme was irrelevant and seized the chance of their intelligent kid to shine at the top because grades had it, they were grades and there was no distinction. It was one giant loop of hypocrisy when the same parents knocked the doors of Supreme Court to argue to the State that their kids were seized the PRIVELEGE of “Grace Marks,” “Moderation Policy” and the inconsistent thread of time tore the knot to tie itself into another lie. The board agreed that it was unfair because the students were not intimated earlier all the while accepting the notion, “not this year,maybe next year,” because next year even if the questions were going to be tough, student had been told.

There was hue and cry over students not being awarded marks because the questions were tough and something they hadn’t studied. “Participation is everything” was coming to picture because students attempted questions and you got to give them the advantage. The zoo at Lusaka, Zambia was proving it’s mettle and the most dangerous animal was hunting for marks.

The student only had his friends and family to worry about but the parents thought that the whole world was after their son’s marks. They were worried and so, when the first shimmer of hope struck the window pane, “Internet Gained.”

The last night had been dreary, the student had slept peacefully with their parents deciding their future. The JEE’s and BITSAT’s had earned their college fees through registration fee alone and the “Autonomous Now” hoardings were getting repainted. Reserved were going to snatch the opportunities of deserved and the education system was back to where it had started 12 years ago. There was a sullen state all around because the students knew the reality, the world was never going to be satisfied. There was a shout because the student had mixed up his admit card with numerous other; countless other admit cards and a five minute delay meant the board will deny the log in.

A sullen state for someone who thought Harper Lee was going to guide his future was immediately thrown to the Einstein’s scenario of life and once again in a world where “Time Machine” is still a thought, he could clearly see his future. He scored average, there were countless others ahead of him but little did they know that there was a world outside willing to accept those who were interested. Stories of Sachin Tendulkar and Mark Zuckerberg; Bill Gates and Steve Jobs; Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani; Aamir Khan and Azim Premji were seemingly a representative of what he thought was an excuse and parents were sure he was not going to be one among those but were confident that had he scored 90, he certainly was the next Satya Nadella. IIT was a brand and Government Colleges were just plain cheap and nothing else.

In a world ever advancing with “Science and thoughts,” the human nature has taken a step back. The future sportsperson and artists have found themselves in a cacophony of deafening voices judging them by their marks and a wide ground has been left for granted. Is it time to rise above this? No. Will there ever be that time? Never.

For all we know, world is a small place. It will just come tumbling back to where it started from!

Signing Out

I have left a lot to think and an indirect approach is always regarded for its ability to make the reader understand the scenario. I wish I could write more but seems like Darwin was angry too, he stole my words to write his own book. Book! Damnit!



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