R.I.P Vampire Diaries

Ever since I started watching Vampire Diaries, Oh! wait, I am 18 years old now. Male. Indian. ‘Journalism’ student. On the look out of better things. Mature enough. Watches CW. TVD Fan. Stelena all the way. And its my favorite because it was my favorite once.

So if you have stopped judging, let me begin by saying this that I am not gay but Stefan was all I watched this show for.WATCHED. Damn the time DAMMIT.

It was 4 years back that somehow watching “Interview with the Vampire” was such a delight that I totally got into this Vampire and Wizardy world. ACADEMICS saw the MARATHON as I raced the first 4 seasons in no time.

4 years fast forward, ( thats what it feels now that I look back ) Stelena is over, Delena is over, Steroline is over, Salvatore brothers are no more, Elena was back. ( Glad she was back ), my crush on Caroline remains, Bonnie to me is still a lot about lights, missed Tyler all along, Coudn’t comprehend that the Originals missed it and the most saddening, there wont be any of it.No more. NEVER


TVD is over. The vampire Diaries is gone for ( Good )?

So the Salvatores are dead and this 18 year old was almost in tears when the last segment of the episode rolled. 

Still judging aren’t you? 

Romantic Bullshitt, Withches, Proms, Love, Affair, Heart Breaks, Relationships, Hugs and Kisses, Delena, Stelena, Bonnie, Enzo, Travellers, Doppelganger, Silas, Sirens, Hell, Cade, Kai, Originals, Mikaelsons and like the hands of ticking clock, I managed to like it all as a whole.

So what is this? A blog post for a show which got over and you need to tell people that it is. No! It was watched and mostly everybody has heard of it. 8 seasons right! 

This is different, this is me out of that ‘being judged’ mindset and still being an 18 year who loves Sci-fi and thrillers and Fargo, Breaking Bad, Utopia and GOT just as much, praising The Vampire Diaries for what it achieved that no other show did. 

The final episode basically captured the whole essence of the show that had kept me intrigued for the last 5 years. 


How much are you willing to sacrifice for the ones you love and at the cost of what?

If F.R.I.E.N.D.S taught me the real meaning of being with friends then TVD was no less in making me believe that, Oh! You gotta keep em close! 

And if I had to simply restore the moments of this amazing ride, I would rather prefer to get back to that mindset and watch it in silence, alone in my room and not be judged.

Thankyou TVD!



Did you like it? Any comments on same? Thanks.

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