Tookii and 42 others followed your blog JOTTINGS

Tookii and 42 others followed your blog JOTTINGS

I am sitting in my room, Physics demanding my attention because I have session ending exam tomorrow and the new Whatsapp feature of adding a story managing to grab it.

I am busy ignoring my Physics and giving the much needed attention to my friends on whatsapp arguing on every useless topic we find ourselves discussing.The first one is about Stranger Things and how it got so famous both in viewership and acclaim, I find myself playing the devil’s advocate. Sometimes I do that, always trying to prove the negations and  getting jealous on silly things.

“I have not updated my blog yet” I type, punch in and hit the send button.

The message is seen as soon as it was sent, and the next second I see the words, “typing.” This is the best part, I feel as if she is genuinely interested in hearing my rants about myself.

I am always irregular. The inconsistency in my posts are the days of Lunar Eclipse and yet I sit there on the same chair with my physics textbook staring straight at me but my fingers skimming through my stats. A blog of zero people looking forward for future posts and an author who is consoling himself that he is going through the much hyped, “Writer’s Block.”

“Write something. Post one of your poems that you keep stacked in those rusty old pages.” 

I recieve the reply.

She is right, before joining WordPress to what I believed would bring recognition instanty, I used to PRACTICE POETRY in my small notebook which I used to carry everywhere. I had enough poems written down to run my blog for the next 6 months with a weekly post and yet here I was cursing myself and the whole world about the lack of ideas and the constant self lamenting of not being able to write anything. 

It was not, “Writers Block.”

I was scared that of all the time that I would put into writing a good piece of poetry or a small inspiring piece of literature and dreaming of how famous it will get and how people in innumerable numbers would comment on it and shower their love and support, but bottom line kept staring right at me, “Only 40 odd followers my friend.”

I write it, punch it, type it and send it.

Tick. Two ticks. Seen. Typing. 

” You had none, zero followers when you started my friend.” 

She is right, yet again.

My rants are becoming more of childlike complaints and excuses. “I need more.” 

I type it, punch it and send it.

Tick, two ticks, seen, typing.

“Just as you write this beautiful poem of yours, ten thousands of them from our very nation and more than hundred thousand from across the globe are doing the exact same thing. Imagine millions of poems out there and yet that one reader decides to open your blog, read your piece, like your work and comment on your masterpiece. That’s an achievement you should be proud of.”

She had shot her arrow on the right target, aimed it at my foolish perception and voila! 

I stand up, not punching, typing or sending anything nor having the least respect for my physics. 

Just as I am about to open WordPress, I am startled by the logo of WordPress on the top of my screen. There is a smile on my otherwise face and as I scroll down to read what it was about, I see the most beautiful lines I will remember forever,

“Tookii and 42 others followed your blog JOTTINGS.”

To be really honestl, I am more than happy with my bunch of reading-writing friends and so proud so as so to sieze your attention from my work. So glad for having you click that follow button and so happy to never leave your side. 

This token of love and thanks goes to all my 43 Reading-Writing friends. You mean the world to me because you decided to read me.



Did you like it? Any comments on same? Thanks.

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