My Brother

“How the sudden death of his brother leaves him with just memories”

Finally, this poem has a root for its existence and a reason to cease. The beautiful relation of two brothers, distance apart but yet close in ways not understood. I bear a similar kind of relationship. We have no interest in talking about where my life is going or his.We do not talk about my relationship status or his. We never have those candid talks. There is not a time where I and he will sit together and grab something to eat. There has been no instance where he had come to me and asked me about my grades. We have never watched a movie together at home. There is never that touch of care in his voice when he talks to me. There is actually no emotion when he wishes me on my Birthday. And trust me I am the same.

But there is something. Something I can not put into words. It’s hard. And So I am writing this. Not my story but a similar context.


My Brother

A second late between the vehicles
And my brother was in my arms.
Scoundrel, cheater, disheart
the car did not stop but just marched past.

The football lies at its place
waiting to be played.
And the bat and the ball
which see no holding of the hand.
No crying in the morning
And no play in the eve.
My little brother took with him
the happy disturbances of my life.
The books are at their places
And my files are never disturbed.
The much-appreciated silence for studies in the past
Now haunts for a little noise of his running car.
The mere perfection of my room
with everything at its place.
Seems to me as the flaw house
Of errors and mistakes.

Minutes later, People arrive
And I move him closer to my heart.
Keypad tone, wailing parents
It was too late for his heart.
Not the vehicle which stopped late
Stopped early was my brother’s heart.



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