Who we really are?

2016 came to an end and like every passing one it had its memories both good and bad. A sonnet satire at its worse to understand that the only resolution we need for this year is “INTROSPECTION.”

Better behaved gets treated the best. Life is full of people and we Indians know that more than anybody. You might have been the most important someone for somebody this past year but don’t make yourself count for naught for this coming one. Let your actions compliment you for who you are and not your fashion statement. Flattering does not help! Because words are best to books the least.

Who we really are?

We lay on the backs of each other

not withstanding but

withholding them.


We lie against each other

against all the individual disparities

not with a motive to solve them but

to complicate them further


We lie on each other

Not for the matter of reliability

But to push,

the other person down.


We lie facing each other

Not with the promise to face

the problems together but

to blame it on the other


We lie away from each other

Not because we don’t want them to

be the part of the problem but

to make them realize they were the problem.

That’s who we really are.


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