In Hindu mythology, it is being said that Brahma, the origin of all creation has made a 3851wide range of creatures that is Gods, devils and men from his own body. He has four heads which represents the 4 headings (Poorab, Pashchim, Uttar and Dakshin), 4 Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva) and the 4 Varnas (Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras) in Hindu Religion. He had five heads at first, one of which was cut off by Shiva in anger or indignation. He is thought to be one of the superior among three that is, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva). Brahma also made the Saptarishi, or seven  sages, to help him make the Universe.


Why we rarely see Brahma temples?

We hardly see temples that are committed to Brahma, while people devotion into Shiva, Vishnu, Durga, Ganesh and other different Gods is generally common. Throughout mythology there are different answers and theories that differ broadly. Some of theories are listed below.


  • Gods we love are warriors

Mostly temples are devoted to Shiva, the destroyer with his third eye and Vishnu, the 2359552-brahma_god_of_creation_by_molee_d4tkg58defender with his sudarshan chakra which gives death punishment or Durga holding a sword, bolts and bow. Indeed, in both northern and southern parts of India Hanuman and Karthikeya is worshiped.

Temples devoted to Saraswati (goddess of learning), Agni (God of sacrifice) and Brahma (God of creation) are hardly ever found. Standard Hindus have a predisposition for those divine beings that battle fights. This demonstrates humanity’s interest with Gods of activity who can affect terror or fright in their souls. We adore men of activity more than men of information.


  • The other theory is that Brahma is blamed for inbreeding with his own daughter variously known as Satarupa, Gayatri, Saraswati, Savitri and Brahmani

Brahma made a goddess known as Satarupa and became fascinated by Her. The Satarupa got embarrassed and moved in different positions to keep away from the look of Brahma. But Brahma built up a head wherever she went. In this manner, Brahma created five heads, one on every side and one over the others. Since, having been made by Brahma, Shiva felt that Satarupa was Brahma’s daughter. Then the Shiva cut off one of the heads to control Brahma. Thus, Shiva decided that it wasn’t right for Brahma to get infatuated with Her. He headed that there be no appropriate worship or praising on earth for the unholy Brahma.


  • An angry argument amongst Vishnu and Brahma about which God is the best in the set of three

The test was to achieve any end of the lingam to choose whose powers were the best. Brahma took the state of a swan and flew upwards to figure out where the lingam finished. Vishnu changed into a pig and moved into the under areas. Both continued yet neither could achieve the end. Vishnu, being extremely smart, understood that he had been beaten by Shiva and returned to Shiva and admitted Shiva as the superior and prime God. On upwards, Brahma met the Ketaki flower and persuaded it to lie for his benefit, that it had watched Brahma achieve the highest end of the lingam.

When the Ketaki flower convey a false impression to Shiva, the angry Shiva cursed Brahma that he would not be worshiped and cursed the Ketaki flower that it would not be utilized as a part of any religious custom.104880-004-913f2dbf

The Brahma temple is an important and famous temple in Pushkar dedicated to Lord Brahma, creator of the whole world (according to Hindu mythology). The temple is built with marble and is finished with silver coins and on the floor there is a silver turtle. Other Brahma temples are situated at Kumbakonam (Tamil Nadu), Thirunavaya (Kerala), Sattari Taluka (Goa), Khedbrahma (Gujarat), Sri Kalahasti (Andhra Pradesh).

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