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Top 10 Romantic Anime Series that you need to watch before you die!

The only anime that can make you cry, laugh with joy and make you feel good are the Romantic Anime. There is a comedy, romance, betrayal and much more to offer. Once you get to know more then you will want to watch more. Feeling of love and care that starts to build inside, gives a different feeling. There are many anime series that can be watched. But there are only few which can be watched again and again. Here is the list of top 10 Romantic Anime Series that stands on top.

  1. Your Lie in April

    (22 Episodes, 2014 to 2015)


The story is about a child Kosei Arima who used to play piano and won many competitions. Suddenly his mother died and since from that time he stopped playing. He started to hate music because it reminds him of his mother. One day Kaori Miyazono a 14-year girl who plays violin comes into the life of Kosei Arima and things starts to change. She brought music back into his life and he again started to play again. 

Imdb Link For The Anime Show

  1. Maid Sama

    (26 Episodes, 2010)


Suddenly boys Seika high school started co-ed in their school. The amounts of girls were less and the majority of notorious students were more. A girl named Misaki Ayuzawa gets much reputation and gets selected as student council president. She also secretly does a job of a waitress. Takumi Usui founded her secret and started to take more interest in her.

Imdb Link For The Anime Show

  1. Blue Spring Ride

    (12 Episodes, 2014)


Series is based on a cute girl named Futaba and she is in love Tanaka. Her love for this boy started in middle school. Turns of events happened when she went to high school and her love (Tanaka) is transferred to another place. She is desperately waiting for the moment to meet him.

Imdb Link For The Anime Show

  1. Lovely Complex

    (24 Episodes, 2007)


Risa is a girl whose height is taller than average girls. Otani is a boy who is shorter than average boys of his ages. Where ever they used to go people laugh at them. One day Risa found that she has feelings for Otani. The turn of events of a long girl and short boy starts to create the mystery of love.

Imdb Link For The Anime Show

  1. Toradora

    (25 Episodes, 2008-2009)


Ryuji Takasu is a nice guy but by looks people avoid him. Taiga Aisaka is a strong and independent girl and certainly does not know how to take care of certain things. They both live in the same apartment and became good friends. They were helping each other and soon they started to fall in love.

Imdb Link For The Anime Show

  1. Fruit Basket

    (26 Episodes, 2001-2003)


After the death of her mother, Tohru Honda (girl) decides that she will live in a tent. While walking deeper in woods she meets Sohma (boy). She starts to engage with Sohma’s family and twelve animals. She does not know that twelve animals are Chinese Zodiac.

Imdb Link For The Anime Show

  1. Nana

    (48 Episodes, 2006-2007)


After having a heart pound breakup Komatsu Nana goes to Tokyo. She met Osaki Nana on a train who is Punk Band Vocalist. They both together were moving in the same direction and soon became roommates. They are helping each other to face problems of their life.

Imdb Link For The Anime Show

  1. The pet girl of Sakurasou

    (24 Episodes, 2012-2013)


The strangest and trouble making students were sent to the dorm of Sakura Dormitory. Sorata Kanda had to move to this dorm because he kept a stray cat. A famous artist Mashiro Shiina enters the dorm and cannot take care of herself. Sorata is forced to take care of her.

Imdb Link For The Anime Show

  1. School Rumble

    (52 Episodes, 2004-2014)


Tenma Tsukamoto is only 16year old falls in love with Oji Karasuma who doesn’t speak much. 17year old Kenji Harima is in love with Tenma. Both of them are trying to express their feelings. At times when they want to express something or the other happens.

Imdb Link For The Anime Show


  1. Kids on the Slope

    (12 Episodes, 2012)


Kaoru has always been transferring to a different school due to his father’s work. When he moved to Kyushu he thought that things are same as always. But his interest towards class president started to grow stronger and finally he got a place where he wants to stay.

Imdb Link For The Anime Show

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