Was Taj Mahal originally a Shiva Temple?

As we all know that Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Tourists from all across the globe come to enthral the beauty of Taj Mahal. The fact that Taj Mahal was built by the Mughal emperor Shahjahan in the memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, is known by many. There are many other facts that we are going to reveal here are not known by most of the people.

Before we dive deep into the reasons why it was originally a Shiva temple let us reveal the original name of Taj Mahal which is Tejo Mahalaya. It may sound strange to the people who follow Muslim religion as they think of Taj Mahal as a Muslim monument. Tejo Mahalaya aka Taj Mahal was a place where Hindus worshipped Lord Shiva until Shahjahan commandeered the place from the Maharaja of Jaipur.

There are significant number of facts that support the argument that the place where the Taj Mahal is standing today was a place where Hindus used to worship Lord Shiva. One of the strangest fact that supports the argument is in the name itself. The word ‘Mahal’ is always used to signify the palace of Hindu Maharaja’s and this term has never been used to name any Muslim fort or palace before.

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Other significant fact that supports the argument is the intricate Trishul on the top of the dome that signifies the Hindu lord, Shiva. The carvings of the word “OM” on the back side of Taj Mahal make us think even more deeply about the topic. Some of the people who practise Muslim religion argue that the name of the monument is derived from the name of Mumtaz Mahal who is buried inside the monument but the truth is that the name of Shahjahan’s princess was not Mumtaz Mahal but it was Mumtaz-ul-Zamani. This signifies that her name has no significance to the name of the building.

The importance of the name comes from the fact that the name, Taj Mahal is the deformed version of Tejo Mahalaya. Both the words in the name ‘Taj’ and ‘Mahal’ are both words of Sanskrit. Another strong fact is that people remove their shoes before entering the monument but for entering a cemetery wearing shoes are a must. As Taj Mahal has images of cobra snake inside it which signifies Lord Shiva, it is hard to believe that it is a Muslim tomb.

The people living in the Arga region are mostly Jats. From a very long time they have been worshiping Lord Shiva with the name of Teja. They have 4 lord Shiva temples in Agra as their father’s tell them, a fifth temple where their ancestors used to worship is missing, which now has become the shrine of Mumtaz Mahal with the name changed to Taj Mahal instead of Tejo Mahalaya. Even the burial date of Mumtaz Mahal is unknown. Has the burial of Mumtaz Mahal in the building was of any historical significance then the exact date of the burial of the princess must have been known to the people of Muslim community.


Archaeologists have also done certain tests to the building which confirms that Taj Mahal was a building even before Shahjahan became the emperor. The missing elephants on the walls of the monument have also been justified by the archaeologists. The four corners of the building also have the pillars which are found basically in the Hindu architecture. So the next time you plan to visit Taj Mahal don’t miss out on this angle of Taj Mahal that holds a great historical significance.


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