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Why is the “Joker” such a sensation?

I will tell you about two of my favorite Joker moments (that aren’t as popular as they should be).

Joker at his manipulative best:

This is from the Death of the family story arc from the New 52.He shows Batman that all members of the Bat-family have been captured by him and forces Batman to electrocute himself.

He ties them all up in the batcave, having skinned the faces of every Bat-family member..much to Batman’s horror.

And makes a demented Alfred serve their faces to them.

Only to reveal it was a joke after making them shit their pants.

Name one other villain who can make batman shit his pant. THAT’S WHY the Joker is such a sensation.

The Joker as an Investigator:

After the Batman RIP arc, Bruce Wayne-Batman disappears and is believed to be dead. During this time, Dick Grayson battled for the cowl and won it, becoming Batman. A mysterious new writer/investigator is in Gotham. Oberon Sexton from England. That’s him on the right, next to Damian Wayne-Robin

Batman(Dick) figures that Sexton is actually the Joker! With no Batman, Joker lost his purpose. He had no challenge. He decided to become the good guy for once, taking on the criminal organisation Black Glove and helping GCPD! Here is Batman confronting Sexton-Joker.

After he is captured, Robin tries to interrogate him (and fails), when Joker reveals that he isn’t insane, never has been and that he’s just differently sane! (confirming our suspicions).

These are some moments that epitomize the brilliance of Joker. This and the popularity of the character due to Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger have made the Joker a huge sensation.


Namesless Review: I can’t wait to show you my toys! Jared Leto. I can’t wait to see him.
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