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Who is the most under-rated comic book villain?

Hugo Strange is one of Batman‘s best villains, and the opponent Batman calls “the most dangerous man in the world.” Yet a lot of comic book fans aren’t even familiar with him, despite the fact he’s been in some of the greatest Batman stories of all time and is one of Batman’s oldest villains. He first appeared in Detective Comics#36, just 9 issues after Batman’s own first appearance; and he was featured inBatman #1 when the Caped Crusader got his own monthly magazine).

For some of the best Hugo Strange stories, read the limited series BATMAN AND THE MONSTER MEN, read the trade paperback collection BATMAN: STRANGE APPARITIONS; read the trade paperback collection BATMAN: PREY; and of course, read his early appearances in the previously mentionedDetective Comics and Batman monthly comic book publications. Another great Hugo Strange storyline appears in the fantastic video game BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY(from which the above image is taken).

For years, I have hoped to see a Batman feature film with Hugo Strange as the main villain, adapting plot elements from The Monster Men, Strange Apparitions, and Prey (they all tie together nicely if the right things are taken as influence from each of them, and if Prey is the primary narrative). At one point I wrote out my theory for how they fit together and why I thought it would be a great story to use as the sequel to Christopher Nolan‘s film The Dark Knight, and this resulted in a few fans spreading the idea until some movie outlets picked it up and started the erroneous rumor that The Dark Knight Rises was based on the Prey storyline and that Tom Hardy was portraying Hugo Strange in the movie.

I still hope that some day I’ll hit the jackpot and be allowed to submit a spec script for a Batman movie featuring Hugo Strange as the antagonist, inspired by that set of comic book stories. But regardless, Strange is such a terrific villain and yet rarely gets the attention and recognition he deserves, making him the most underrated comic book villain.


Nameless Review: A sincere request to Ben Affleck (Director of the upcoming Batman Trilogy) Please do something about it. 😛 Zack Snyder : Stay Away!
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