All Weird Questions About Batman Answered : Part : 1

Its not simply that people are in love with this DC Character, Batman. He brings class, perfection and originality to his movies. The Dialogues, Action and Story-line is by far the best. (I am talking about the Nolan Trilogy) Yesterday while checking my news feed, I fell to this  image which read,


Every Batman Fan can relate to this Image Text but simply can not leave but love Batman while admiring Joker at the same time. That’s Batman Franchise for you. Its different. Every viewer has many question when the movie is going on, doubts, perception and his own thoughts over the actions. Today, lets get them cleared: (Also Read : Things I learnt from The Joker )dsaCapturesCaptureada1




Namesless Review: Hey, Its time to put you in puzzle. Answer this : “Why doesn’t Batman use hand guns but uses motor guns?” Seems like I won already. 😛 Maybe because I asked the wrong question. Nevermind, Bye! 🙂


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