Interview with Ron Hanlon


I got to be very honest here. I have been very lucky to have met people like these at such a young age and get inspired. I cant even say, I am qualified to take an Interview of awesome personalities like these, but they never say NO. They are ever helpful and always motivating. Interview with Lorraine Carey and now this.

Ron Hanlon is such a magnanimous personality and a very humble man. I find myself honored to have had the honor to even talk to him, let alone ask questions and get them answered.

Conducted in two phases, he was helpful and very much interested. Giving me insights into his real life and professional life, Ron Hanlon is one of my favorite.

Tell us about yourself? Did your parents had hard time taking care of you?

No. My brother and I were much normal boys growing up. I was shy and a loner. Had great parents, they worked hard to give my brother and I a good life. But not a spoiled life. Were taught right for wrong and to work hard for thing we wanted. Grew up in Tulsa Ok. Was A1xytrjfR-L._UX250_average student in K-12. Once in college became more studious Grad with 4.5 average out of 5. Have lived in Tulsa all but ten years. Eight in Fla. Two in US Army training and Vietnam

Which is your favorite genre and what draws you into it?

Science fiction. Have always enjoyed science. Majored in the Life Sciences in college. BS and MS. Science explains all we do. Science Fiction explains what we dream.

Do you do any research before working on a book?

I draw on life experiences and then Goggle to check the facts.

Did you always wanted to become an author?

I started wanting to write when I got out of college 1968

When did you start writing?

I started writing Hearts Can Change in Time in 1969. But because of many things didn’t work on it steady until I retired from my lawn and tree company I ran for thirty years 1979-2010

How is your day structured? Do you have set-hours to write and cope up with friends and family?

I write in the evening and then proofread in AM when mind is rested and fresh.

What is the hardest thing about writing?

Sticking with it you have to write every day good or bad.

Do you read much? And which are your favorite Authors and Books?

Don’t read much other than news items, medical and scientific periodicals

Do you prefer EBooks or Paperbacks?


Are you the religious type ?
To a point. I believe in my self and God is there to help me if I work hard I can be the best I can. If I don’t make it. It’s my fault.


Hidden quote to yourself?

Believe in Karma what goes around comes around.

How do you look so young ?  Personal front.
Good genes.Hard work and exercise. Honest living. Good food sleep and sex.


Advice to the young and budding authors?

 If you can dream it you can write it. Don’t give up. Some days won’t be perfect but all days are good. Don’t give up. Do the best you can.
 Write because it’s story you want to share. Not a s944373_938121366262892_3716152955186154875_ntory that will make you rich and famous.


What is it like to be an author and have a book of your own?

It is an accomplishment.

Just one repository? Are you planning to write more?

Yes have Hearts Can Change in Times sequel all thought out. About seven chapters in print.

Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included?

Yes find more info about me and my book at or

A selfish question, recommend me a book. And I hope you had a good time.

Hearts Can Change in Time.

That was obvious. 🙂 Thanks so much.



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