Things I learnt

Things I learnt from The Joker

Believed to be the most wicked, sinful, evil, vicious, and flat out psychotic killer of all comic book villains and standalone of all the superhero movies released in the last 60 years. The Joker is the primary antagonist of Batman. He is the complete opposite of Batman, in everything from appearance (Batman tends to be a rather large and muscular man, while funny joker pics (5).jpgThe Joker is typically a man of average height or even taller possessing a skinny frame), to ideals. The Joker views murder as sport, and will not hesitate to toy with his food before he eats it, even if said food are the men he has hired to work for him. As intimidating as he is psychotic, he still manages to recruit hordes of henchmen despite his maniacal insanity. But despite of all this, people loved his character. They loved The Joker as much as they loved Bruce Wayne playing the Batman.

There was something in his antics and his psychopath nature and then there are so many things which we can learn from this maniac.

What I learnt:


Don’t judge others! Be your own Judge.


Its something we all do. We tend to find mistakes in others and for some of them,it has become a “naturally occurring habit.” From the context of the movies, it might be from the vicious Joker to the celebrated Batman, but from the context of life, what really Joker wants to say is: For once, peek inside you. Go deep down in the bowels of yourself, inside the brain which has occupied you and making you think like that and into your soul for making a positive change in you than cursing and finding mistakes in others. Than blaming the society for whatever wrong that is and has happened to you.

im differe.jpg

Let not the opinions of others change you.

“Influence” other people have on us is mostly negative. Some people are like the douche-bags filled with negative comments.While some play the messengers of these kind of people. They have all sorts of opinions about you and I believe,just don’t find yourself clearing things about, justifying and proving your point. “I’m different, fuck your opinion” should be more than enough.

i like you

Bad things are always attractive.

To everything that you like but deep inside you really know, it isn’t good. To every activity you perform, every bad habit you fell into and every bad demeanor you have over yourself and above all the very fact that you just love these things. One advise: Kill them. I know you like them but I want you to kill them.


People aren’t happy these days. They have some or other reason to be sad about. And then there are angels in disguise whose only motto is to find those people and put a smile on their face. So, the next time you see somebody unhappy about something, don’t forget to remind yourself of the very thing The Joker said,”Let’s put a smile on that face!”‘


Why so serious?

Why so serious is the most iconic line in the entire movie and has a strong message behind it: have fun in what you do. The Joker’s quirky character and crimes are based on the concept of fun, even though the fun may be sinister and dark. In all your endeavors learn to have some fun. If you don’t you may become jaded and will end up resenting what you do. Have fun and enjoy life and to those who are not doing so, ask them the question “why so serious?”



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