There is a THREE in every religion !

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There is a reason why every post I have made (this being the second) is one or other  way connected to religion, myth and mythology. It fascinates me and guess what, I am not alone.

“THREE” has a lot of significance. It’s not just a mere number but something which find its presence in almost every other supernatural, mythical,mystical, mythological and religious books,stories,papers,plates,figures,monuments and ideas. Throughout human history, the number three has always had an unique significance. Irrespective of which religion you jump into, you will find that the most powerful and mighty ones, came in three’s. What is something so powerful about this number which makes it play such a big role in each and every religion that there is?

Let us look at its significance in various RELIGIONS :


Statue of Holy Trinity
  • According to this central mystery of most Christian faiths,there is only one God in three persons: while distinct from one another in their relations of origin (as the Fourth Lateran Council declared, “it is the Father who generates, the Son who is begotten, and the Holy Spirit who proceeds”) and in their relations with one another, they are stated to be one in all else, co-equal, co-eternal and con-substantial, and “each is God, whole and entire”. Accordingly, the whole work of creation and grace is seen as a single operation common to all three divine persons, in which each shows forth what is proper to him in the Trinity, so that all things are “from the Father”, “through the Son” and “in the Holy Spirit”.



  • The Devil tempted Jesus three times.
  1. Stones into bread.
  2. Pinnacle of the temple.
  3. Mountain.
  • The Biblical Magi also referred to as the Three Wise Men or The Kings (Balthasar, Caspar, Melchior) are foreigners who gifted Jesus Three things after he was born:

    Devil tempting Jesus: Stones into Breadse Men or Three Kings (Balthasar, Caspar, Melchior):
  1. Gold
  2. frankincense
  3. myrrh
  • The Three Synoptic gospels of:
  1. Matthew
  2. Mark
  3. Luke
  • Three Epistles of John
  • The threefold office of Christ is a Christian doctrine that Christ performs the functions of prophet, priest, and king.
  • The ministry of Jesus lasted three years.
  • Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his death.
  • Saint Peter thrice denied Jesus and thrice affirmed his faith in Jesus.



Shiva: The Destroyer

It is a concept in Hinduism in which the cosmic functions of creation, maintenance, and destruction are personified by the forms of Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer or transformer.



  • The three Gunas underlie action, in the Vedic system of knowledge.
  • The Three Yogas in the context of monotheistic Hinduism are timageshree religious paths for the human spirit to achieve union (yoga) with Ishvara, Supreme Being, i.e. God. They are Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga.
  • The Hindu Tridevi.
  • The number three is also the symbolic representation of Om whose three curves represent the three states of consciousness of human beings, and is represented by 3 sounds—A-U-M.
  • The repetition of the word “shanti” which means peace three times after prayers.
  • Existence of “trilok” The Three worlds.  One each for the God,Evil and the follower.
The Hindu Trimurti



The Three Jewels, also called the Three Treasures, Three Refuges, Precious Triad, or most commonly the Triple Gem are the three things that Buddhists take refuge in, and look toward for guidance, in the process known as taking refuge.  The Three Jewels are: Buddha,Dharma and Sangha.


  • The Triple Bodhi (ways to understand the end of birth) are Budhu, Pasebudhu, and Mahaarahath.C68YcmpeTNnuuzeJgSAnt1hu.jpeg
  • The Three Jewels, the three things that Buddhists take refuge in.
  • Dukkha is commonly translated as “suffering”, “anxiety”, “unease”, etc., and it is said to have the  three aspects in total.
  • The Noble Eight fold Path has eight factors which are differentiated into Three factors.
  • Three Marks of Existence:

  1. Impermanence.
  2. Suffering.
  3. Not-self.
  • According to Buddhist traditions a Buddha is a fully awakened being who has completely purified his mind of the three poisons:
  1. Desire.
  2. Aversion.
  3. Ignorance.threejewels_009
  • When one bows at a Buddhist shrine, one always makes three prostrations. At the same time one offers three sticks of incense. When you make a ceremonial procession around a temple or tomb you do so three times.



  • The Three Pure Ones of Taoism.
  • The Triple Goddess of Wicca.
  • Noah had three sons: Ham, Shem and Japheth
  • The Three Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

    Three Pure Ones of Taoism
  • The prophet Balaam beat his donkey three times.
  • The prophet Jonah spent three days and nights in the belly of a large fish.
  • Three divisions of the Written Torah: Torah (Five Book of Moses), Nevi’im (Prophets), Ketuvim (Writings)
  • Three divisions of the Jewish people: Kohen, Levite, Yisrael.
  • Three daily prayers: Shacharit, Mincha, Maariv
  1. ZEUS
  3. HADES
  • The three virtues of Humata, Hukhta and Huvarshta (Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds) are a basic tenet in Zoroastrianism.
  • The Wiccan Rule of Three.
  • The Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother, Crone; the three fates.


So, with a lot of Three around, It is amazing not normal to see the significance of this very number each and everywhere. While one might argue, the fact is fact.

Generally people list 3 options when they’re making comparisons as to the best or worst of something. Three is the perfect number.It allows for a list that’s short and concise but still makes you feel like you’ve heard enough. I’d venture to guess that at some point it cropped up, entered common usage, and stuck around because of it’s simplicity and brilliance.

1 JANUARY 2016



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