Atlantis and Dwaraka : Same Islands with different names!



The fundamental theory about both, Dwaraka and Atlantis, resembled two prehistoric cities that were submerged under the ocean brought on by vast destruction. For one thing, Dwaraka was a bunch of islands and not only a solitary city as the Archeological unearthings have demonstrated and so was Atlantis. Dwaraka was represented by a union called the Gyati Sangh (Federation). The pioneers of every island were chosen to the committee and were presided by a picked pioneer.


maxresdefault1A Brief About Atlantis

It is trusted that the island of Atlantis was an imaginary world which was sunk underneath the sea by the divine beings to punish the general population for their indecency. According to Indian mythology initially Dwaraka was demolished by the evil ruler known as Salva and after that by Krishna himself on the grounds that Yadavas of Dwaraka had turned out to be excessively egotistic. Keep in mind Krishna has dependably been viewed as the chief and the prime God. So in a way both Atlantis and Dwaraka have comparative legends of getting devastated by Gods.


Krishna and Hercules are One and the Same

Krishna, the champion of Hindu mythology and Hercules, the best Greek legend were one and the same. Hercules was an immediate descendent of a family called Shouresenoi while Krishna was an immediate descendent of King Shurasena. Krishna’s legend starts at the small town of Mathura while Hercules’ starts at Methora. Krishna is otherwise called Hari while Hercules can likewise be named as Haricules. The legend says Atlas fall down and krishna2bon2bkaliya2bhercules2bhydraearth gets destroyed because of Atlas not being able to hold up the weight of the earth which had gotten to be over populated with divine beings (Devas). In Hindu myths, Dwaraka implies the Gateway to paradise. Like Hercules, Balaram too was not able carry on the weight of Dwaraka and it got shattered by the extreme weight of assault by the evil spirits from the sky. Krishna needed to come back from his mid-route of Hastinapur to spare Dwarka. But the whole Yadav family was devastated and then the Krishna re-gathered it.

Subsequently we can presume that when the Greeks brought up a capable domain city called Atlantis, they were alluding to India’s Dwaraka.

Mystery  Of Legendry Dwarakaancient-atlantis

There are strong likenesses of Plato description about Atlantis with the old Indian city of Dwaraka. In Sanskrit, Dwaraka implies Door and it was a prime city of India in old times. Dwaraka was very much associated with the distinctive old urban communities like Egyptian, Roman, Greeks, and so forth through the former exchange path. Some Western perspectives would likewise show that after the devastation of Atlantis a portion of the general population took shelter to Egypt may had relocated to old India through the old Port City of Dwaraka and assembled this wonderful old city.

This hypothesis of creating likeness in view of migration assumption that it did occur and there was a spot called Atlantis at some mysterious spot. The expected path for this migration was that individuals initially relocated from Atlantis to Tibet and after that to Egypt and again to India.

As per Plato, Atlantis was a maritime force that defeated numerous parts of Western Europe and Africa 9,000 years or roughly 9,500 B.C. Atlantis sank into the sea in only one day and night of disaster after an unsuccessful try to attack Athens. Researchers and analysts confessed that there was no such island as Atlantis. Atlantis was a bit of sheer creative ability. Be that as it may, the old Dwaraka has numerous resemblances to the nonexistent Atlantis. Dwaraka is around 4000 years of age. Plato has written on Atlantis just around 360 B.C., that is, much later.


The main logical clarification for the strong resemblance is that Plato discovered about Dwaraka and constructs his nonexistent Atlantis with respect to Dwaraka.

Nameless Review: While I still thank the Image Source, its no wonder everything find its root to something or someone similar! Amazing!

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